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Last updated: May 19, 2014
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[] []1 the eighth vowel of the alphabet ( the corresponding long vowel to [ ] and resembling the sound of (ri) in (marine) , but after labials more like (ru) ; it generally only appears in some forms of nouns in [ ] , viz. in the gen. pl. of all genders , in the acc. pl. m. and f. and in nom. acc. and voc. pl. n.)

  ॠकार [ ṝkāra ] [ ṝ-kāra ] m. the letter or sound [ ] Lit. TPrāt.

[] []2 ind. an interjection of terror Lit. L.

a particle implying reproach

warding off Lit. L.

a particle used at the beginning of a sentence Lit. L.

[] []3 m. a Bhairava Lit. L.

a Dānava Lit. L.

[] f. the mother of the gods

of the demons Lit. L.


going , motion Lit. L.

n. a breast Lit. L.

[] []4 Root for 4. [ ] q.v.

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