Portal to Sanskrit Resources

Warning. Many of the following links are stale or obsolete. I try to maintain this page occasionally, but the Web being a legacy system increasing exponentially, do not expect either consistency or completeness of this directory of interesting Web information related to Sanskrit.

General sites

The Indology Site
Sanskrit Studies Links
International Association of Sanskrit Studies
Sanskrit Promotion Foundation
Sanskrita Bharati
Sanskrit Page, Omniglot
Sanskrit Page, Language Gulper

Sanskrit dictionaries

Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary
Cologne Dictionaries Server
Searchable revised Monier-Williams Dictionary
Sanskrit-English Dictionary App by Daniel Kocherga
Buddhist Sanskrit Lexicon
Online Sanskrit Dictionary of the Vedic Society
Online aggregate Sanskrit Dictionary of Sanskrit today
Reversed Sanskrit Dictionary
Sanskrit utilities tools of Chetan Pandey
Scanned Monier-Williams ebook
Apte's dictionary search (Chicago)
Macdonell's dictionarysearch (Chicago)
Sanskrit Wordnet at IIT Bombay
Sanskrit Wordnet at Pavia-Exeter
Aggregated Sanskrit dictionaries
Dictionnaire sanskrit-français de N. Stchoupak, L. Nitti et L. Renou
Dictionnaire sanskrit-français d'Emile Burnouf (1866)
Glossarium Sanscritum by Francisco Bopp
SARVA (South Asian Residual Vocabulary Assemblage)
On-line dictionaries for Sanskrit
Small portal to Sanskrit dictionaries
Page Lexilogos pour le sanskrit
Richard Mahoney's HTML search in Monier-Williams Dictionary
Marking the Monier-Williams Dictionary
Louis Bontes MWSDD (Interface for Monier-Williams Dictionary on Windows) [dated 2002]
André Signoret's French to Sanskrit dictionary (2001)
Òscar Pujol's diccionari sànscrit-català
Abhyankar's Dictionary of Sanskrit Grammar
A Dictionary of Gāndhārī
Pāṇini Research Tool from Auroville's Sanskrit Research Institute

Sanskrit digital libraries, Sanskrit corpus

The huge Sanskrit documents site
Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages (GRETIL)
SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts
The Pandit prosopographical database for Indic texts
The Sanskrit Library
DCS: Digital Corpus of Sanskrit
The Ambuda Sanskrit Library
Digital South Asia Library, U. of Chicago
VedaWeb, Köln U.
New Catalogus Catalogorum, University of Madras
Vande Mataram Library
Archaeological Survey of India collection
Hathi Trust digital library
Pāḷi Tipiṭaka
Early Buddhist texts, translations and parallels
Digitalisierte Werke auf dem Felde der Indologie
South-Asian, Tibetan and Southeast Asian Departmentat Cambridge University Library
Lalchand Research Library - Ancient Indian Manuscript Collection
Sanskrit Texts and Stotras
Valmiki Ramayana site
Mahabharata Resources
Baktivedanta Research Center
Muktabodha site of Indological Research Institute
Sanskrit Hindu texts by David Reigle
Apte's Student's Guide to Sanskrit Composition
Richard Mahoney's Indica et Buddhica
Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon
Mathematics and Mathematical Astronomy corpus including various Sanskrit corpus from Sansknet
Ancient Sanskrit Online by Karen Thomson and Jonathan Slocum at University of Texas
Study of Upanishats
Sanskrit e-books
Jain eLibrary
eGangotri Digital Preservation Trust of Chetan Pandey
Detlef Eichler's Sanskrit documents
Rigveda pdf edition by Keith Briggs
The Rigveda Metrically Restored Text by Karen Thomson and Jonathan Slocum
Sacred Text Archive on Hinduism
The Free Indological Collection
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences
Pandanus Sanskrit e-Texts (Prague)
The International Cooperative Project for Digitization and Cataloguing of the Woolner Collection, Punjab University Library, Lahore
Gaudiya Grantha Mandira
Stotras from Prapatti.com
Academy for Ancient Texts
Mahabhasya in Intratext
Advaita Sharada Project from Sringeri Math
Guide to manuscript libraries in India
Rare Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts
Indian Epigraphy site of Dmitriy Lielukhine
Resources for East Asian Language and Thought
Samkarsha Kanda of Jaimini
Sri Ramodantam - Grammatical Analysis
The Plants of Kaalidaasa's Meghaduuta
Ramayana as a comic book

Sanskrit poetic theory

Sanskrit metres

Devanagari Fonts and Translators

Google transliteration for Sanskrit
Lexilogos multilingual keyboard for Sanskrit
Devanagarii portal
Luc Devroye's Indic language fonts page at McGill University
Washington University Fonts portal
ITranslator from Omkarananda Ashram
Sanskrit Web of Ulrich Stiehl (Fonts, Itranslator, Yajurveda corpus)
Devanagari Fonts
Siddhanta Font of Mihail Bayaryn
Indian Fonts of Vijay Patel
Unicode Font Guide for Free/Libre Open Source Operating Systems
utf-skt for TeX
Indian Standard UDC 681.3 for ISCII-91 code (pdf document)
Avinash Chopde's old ITRANS Software
ITRANS to Unicode translator of Ashish Banerjee
Sanskrit typewriter by Richmond Mathewson

Educational Institutions for Sanskrit in India and South-East Asia

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan
Centre of Advanced Study of Sanskrit, Pune University
Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages, Pune University
Department of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad
Department of Sanskrit, Faculty of Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Karnataka Samskrit University, Bangalore
Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Nagpur, Maharashtra Kalakosa, Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts
Academy of Sanskrit Research in Melkote
More on Academy of Sanskrit Research
Varanasi Sanskrit College
Sansknet, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati
Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati
School of Sanskrit and Indic Studies, Jawaharal Nehru University, New Delhi
Center for Indian Language Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Centre de Pondichéry de l'EFEO"
Muktabodha Indological research institute
Sanskrit Research Institute, Auroville

Sanskrit Conferences

World Sanskrit Conferences
Xth World Sanskrit Conference, Bangalore, 1997
11th World Sanskrit Conference, Torino, 2000
12th World Sanskrit Conference, Helsinki, 2003
13th World Sanskrit Conference, Edinburgh, 2006
Third Annual Sanskrit Conference, McGill University, Montreal, April 2007
1st International Symposium on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, Paris, October 2007
2nd International Symposium on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, Providence, May 2008
3rd International Symposium on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, Hyderabad, Jan. 2009
1st National Sanskrit Conference, Australian National University, 2007
Workshop on Bhattoji and Nagoji, Oxford, Feb. 29th 2008
14th World Sanskrit Conference, Kyoto, 2009
South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable XXVIII, Denton, Oct. 2009
International Indology Graduate Research Symposium
4th International Symposium on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, JNU, New Delhi, Dec. 2010
28th Annual STIMW Symposium (Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World), Manchester, May 2011
15th World Sanskrit Conference, New Delhi, Jan. 2012
5th International Symposium on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, IIT Bombay, Jan. 2013
Sanskrit Sahityotsava, Ujjain, Feb. 2013
Summer School 2014, Chinamaya Foundation, Velyanad, Kerala
The 17th World Sanskrit Conference, Vancouver, July 2018
6th International Symposium on Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, IIT Kharagpur, Oct. 2019

Indological Departments and Resources out of India


Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, Australian National University
Sanskrit at La Trobe University, Melbourne


Institut für Südasien, Tibet and Buddhismuskunde, Universität Wien
Course schedule at Universität Wien
Die Sanskrit-Manuskripte der Woolner-Sammlung, Lahore


Belgian Indology


Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia
Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto


Research Institute of Sanskrit manuscripts and Buddhist litterature at Peking University


Institute for Asian and African Studies, University of Helsinki


Centre d'études de l'Inde et de l'Asie du Sud de l'EHESS
Research team "Mondes Iranien et Indien", UMR 7528 CNRS
Sanskrit at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Sanskrit at Université de Lyon
Quels sont les outils disponibles en langue française pour débuter l'apprentissage du sanskrit?


Göttingen portal on South Asian linguistic resources
Südasien-Institut, Heidelberg
Saraswati Sanskrit prize, Heidelberg
Institut für Indologie und Södasienwiessenschaften, Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg
South Asia Research Documentation Services 3 (SARDS3), Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg
Institut für Indologie und Tamilistik, Universität zu Köln
Institut für Indologie und Zentralasienwissenschaften, Universität Leipzig
Institut für Sprachen und Kulturen Südasiens, Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Indologie und Iranistik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Center for Buddhist studies, University of Hamburg
Asien-Afrika Institut, University of Hamburg
Seminar für Indologie, Universität Tübingen
Lehrstuhl für Indologie, Universität Würzburg
Bhasa-Projekt Universität Würzburg
Indologie und Tibetologie, University of Marburg
Fachgebiet Indologie und Tibetologie, University of Marburg
SASOA: Indologie und Tamil-Studien, Universität Köln

Great Britain

Department of the Languages and Cultures of South Asia, SOAS, London
Sanskrit Reading Room, SOAS
Edinburgh University School of Asian Studies - Sanskrit
South Asia portal from the British Association for South Asian Studies
Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
Department of Oriental Collections, Bodleian Library, Oxford
Indian Studies, University of Cambridge
Sanskrit Manuscript Project, Cambridge
Cambridge Digital Library, Sanskrit Manuscripts
International Sanskrit Examination Resource
Sanskrit at St James


CESMEO, Torino
indologia e tibetologia, Universita La Sapienza, Roma
Istituto Internazionale di Studi Sud Asiatici, ISAS, Roma


Department of Asian Studies, University of Haifa


Gateway to South Asian Studies in Japan
Department of Sanskrit Language and Literature, Kyoto University
Institute of Oriental Culture, The University of Tokyo
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS)


Dutch Studies on South Asia, Tibet and classical South Asia
International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)
Kern Institute in Leiden
Kern Institute in Leiden
Prof. dr. A. (Arlo) Griffiths, at Leiden University
Prof. dr. P.C. (Peter) Bisschop, at Leiden University
Prof. dr. J.A. (Jonathan) Silk, at Leiden University
Dr Leonid Kulikov, at Leiden University


Prof. Ute Hüsken, University of Oslo


Russian Sanskrit site
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Indology site


Abteilung für Indologie, Universität Zürich
Asien-Orient-Institut, Zürich
Front för linguistische Antizyklik und Erneuerung Zörich
Section de langues et civilisations slaves et de l'Asie du Sud, Université de Lausanne


South Asia Institute, Columbia University
Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University
Sanskrit Knowledge Systems Project, Columbia University
Harvard University Sanskrit Department
Brown University's Department of Classics
South Asia Studies at Penn
UCLA Department of Asian Languages and cultures
Project South Asia, South Dakota State University and Missouri Southern State University
Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, U. of Chicago
Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, U. of Chicago
South Asian Studies Program, Rutgers University
Department of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington
Department of South Asian Studies, University of Washington
Center for South Asia Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin
South Asia Institute of University of Texas at Austin
Ancient Sanskrit Online by K. Thomson & Jonathan Slocum
University of Colorado at Boulder
Sanskrit at John Hopkins University
Sanskrit Courses regularly offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sanskrit Department, Florida Vedic College at Coral Springs

Many more links may be found in the Göttingen portal on South Asia Research Institutions on the Internet
and at page Academic Sanskrit Studies around the World.

Sanskrit sites of individual scholars

Sheldon Pollock's home page
Ian Houben's Vedic Ritual Site
Ian Houben's professional page
Georges-Jean Pinault's professional page
Pascale Haag's professional page at EHESS
Gérard Colas's professional page at EHESS
Lyne Bansat-Boudon's professional page at EHESS
Brendan Gillon's home page
Paul Kiparsky's home page
Ashok Aklujkar's home page at University of British Columbia
Adheesh Sathaye's home page at University of British Columbia
Madhav Deshpande's home page at University of Michigan
Stella Sandahl's page at University of Toronto
Dominik Wujastyk's home page at University of Alberta
Peter Schreiner's Indic site
John Smith's home page
Johannes Bronkhorst's home page
Asko Parpola's home page
Michael Witzel's home page
Richard F. Gombrich's home page
Paul Dundas's home page
Patrick Olivelle's page, Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Alexis Sanderson's page
Christopher Minkowski's page at Oxford
His inaugural lecture for the Boden Chair
A. M. Lubotsky's page at Universiteit Leiden
Peter Bisschop's page at Universiteit Leiden
Detlef Eichler's personal page
Hans Henrich Hock's home page at University of Illinois
Walter Slaje's page at Academia.org
Wiebke Petersen's home page at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Robert P. Goldman, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Sally J. Sutherland Goldman, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Alexander von Rospatt, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley
Benjamin Slade's home page
Wendy Doniger's home page at University of Chicago
Matthew Kapstein's home page at University of Chicago
Gary Tubb's home page at University of Chicago
Steven Collins's home page at University of Chicago
Yigal Bronner's home page at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Timothy Lubin's home page at Washington and Lee University of Chicago
Pr Gopabandhu Mishra, Department of Sanskrit, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Renate Sohnen-Thieme's home page at SOAS
Gregory T. Stump's home page at University of Kentucky
Timothy C. Cahill's page at Loyola University in New Orleans
Richard Salomon's page at University of Washington
Herman Tull's page at Lafayette College
Collett Cox's page at University of Washington
Timothy Lenz's page at University of Washington
Lee Siegel's page at University of Hawaii at Manoa
Prem Pahlajrai's page at University of Washington
Heike Moser's page at Universität Tübingen
Robert Zydenbos's page at the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in München
Antonia Ruppel's page at Academia.edu
Takashima's Labo at TUFS
George Thomson's faculty page
Anand Mishra site on Paninian Grammar
Saroja Bhate's home page
Jared S. Klein's page at the University of Georgia
Ashwini Deo's home page at Yale University
Yaroslav Vassilkov's home page
Leonid Kulikov's home page at Leiden
Leonid Kulikov's home page at Ghent University
Christine Chojnacki' professional page at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon 3)
Karl Potter's Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies site at University of Washington
Michael Hahn's home page at University of Marburg
Jürgen Hanneder's home page at University of Marburg
Roland Steiner's home page at University of Marburg
Paul Hackett's home page at Columbia University
McComas Taylor's home page at the Australian National University
McComas Taylor's YouTube Sanskrit videos page
Greg Bailey's home page at La Trobe University
Adi Hastings's home page at the University of Iowa
Daniel Stender's home page at University of Bonn
Steven Linsquist's home page at Southern Methodist University
Ithamar Theodor's home page at University of Haifa
Site de Michel Angot
Anna Aurelia Esposito, Universität Würzburg
Albrecht Wezler's citation for Max Planck Research Award for Humanities
Harunaga Isaacson's home page at Universität Hamburg
Jambudvipa site of Paolo Magnone
Cashmirian Sanskritist blog by Mrinal Kaul
Mrinal Kaul's page at Oxford
Sarasvatam caksuh blog by Somadeva Vasudeva
Tantric Studies Reader project by Somadeva Vasudeva
Granthinam blog by Daniel Stender
Cikitsa blog by Dominik Wujastyk
Chantal Pousse's Carmina Vedica site
John Brough's memorial site
Colette Caillat's memorial page
Thomas Burrow's memorial page
Arthur William Ryder's memorial page
Dušan Zbavitel's memorial page
T.Ya. Elizarenkova's obituary page

Sanskrit courses and workshops

Australia Feb. 2006
Leiden Indological Summer School, Aug. 2006
New Mexico Sanskrit Institute Summer 2006
South Asia Summer Language Institute, Madison, Wisconsin
A Summer Course in Beginning Sanskrit, Vancouver, British Columbia
August Sanskritam Residential Camp, Bangalore, India
Production, distribution and collection of Sanskrit manuscripts in Ancient South India - Workshop, Leiden, 20-21 April 2007
Prakrit Summer School in Finland (2007)
The Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World
Sanskrit courses at Rutgers University, summer 2008 session
Australian Spoken Sanskrit Summer School, Feb. 2009
Sri Aurobindo Society one week intensive course on Sanskrit June 2011
Harvard Beginning Sanskrit Summer course
Summer School in Spoken Sanskrit 2013 in Heidelberg
Harvard Beginning Sanskrit Summer course SANS-S-101
Self-testing Sanskrit site
Spoken Sanskrit: Basic and Intermediate Levels

Indo-European Linguistics

Titus server
The Perseus Digital Library
Institut für Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft-Indogermanistik, Zürich
Indogermanisches Seminar der Universität Zürich
Program in Indo-European Studies, UCLA
IndoEuropean Etymological Dictionary
Turner's comparative dictionary of Indo-Aryan languages
Dnghu server
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
Leonid Kulikov's home page

Sanskrit software, Electronic teaching aids to Sanskrit

Sanskrit Heritage Site
Sanskrit Morphology Generator
Sanskrit Lemmatizer
Sanskrit Reader
Amba Kulkarni's Sanskrit analysis tools at University of Hyderabadd
Amba Kulkarni's Sanskrit search engine
Skt Heritage mirror at U. of Hyderabad
MIT - Meter Identifying Tool at IIT Bombay
Skrutable site by Tyler Neill
Whitney's Grammar
Sanskrit tools of Claudio and Paulo Marcos Durand Segal
Skt Primer and other Android apps
Sanskrit Dhatu 360°, iPhone/iPad app by Sivaraman Baskar
Dhaturatnakara.h by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha
Sanskrit Tools from TDIL for Windows
Sanskrit Subanta Recognizer and Analyzer from JNU
Sanskrit Tinanta Generator from JNU
Sanskrit World site of Dhaval Patel
Sanskrit grammatical tools of Dhaval Patel
Subanta generator of Dhaval Patel and Sivakumari Katuri
Tinanta generator of Dhaval Patel and Sivakumari Katuri
Prakriya generator for root forms of Dhaval Patel
Sarasvatiika.n.thaabhara.na by Bhojadeva
Skorg: Sanskrit org mode extension for emacs
Sanskrit grammar of Andrew Ollett
Sanskrit grammar
Ganakashtadhyayi by Dr Shivamurthy Swamiji, Taralabalu Kendra, Bangalore
Acharya from IIT Madras
Paniniiya Vyakaranam
गीतायाः धात्वभ्यासः
Learn Sanskrit the easy way
Our Sanskrit site of Paramu Kurumathur
The Little Red Book of Sanskrit Paradigms by McComas Taylor
eSikshak from CDAC
Anand Mishra's site on the Paninian System of Sanskrit Grammar
Anand Mishra's Sanskrit Metre Recognizer
The Sanskrit Reader site of Oliver Hellwig
Online OCR processor of the Vedic Society
Sanskrit OCR and tagging software by ind.senz
The Sanskrit studies site of Manorama
The Sanskrit studies site of Guy Leavitt
The Learn Sanskrit site of Arun Prasad
Its associated tagged corpus
Practical Sanskrit Blog
Audio files for Pr Deshpande's Samskrta-Subodhini Sanskrit Primer
UBC Sanskrit Learning Tools
Morpheus Sanskrit
Siddhanta Kaumudi lessons by Smt. Sowmya Krishnapur
AVG-Sanskrit electronic classes
The Sanskrit Tutor of Sudhir Kaicker at JNU
John Smith's utility programs (format conversion)
Tools and Materials for Home-Study of Sanskrit
Grammar of Sanskrit blog by Sripad Abhyankar
Grammar of Sanskrit Youtube videos by Sripad Abhyankar
Learn Sanskrit page by Himanshu Pota
Sanskrit courses by Arsha Seva Kendram
A Practical Sanskrit Introduction by Charles Wikner
The Sanskrit Declension Trainer from Leipzig by Michael Bunk
Sandhi program according to Laghu Siddhanta by Chetan Pandey
Aupasana site of Ajit Krishnan
Sanskrit Programmers Site
A Sanskrit tutor by the Chitrapur math
A translator between Sanskrit and English
Indian Language Converter by Vijay Lakshminarayanan
Sanskrit online transliterator
Liberation Philology Software
An Analytical Cross Referenced Sanskrit Grammar by Lennart Warnemyr
Electronic Dhatu-patha following Srila Jiva Goswamy
Sandhi joiner of G.S.S. Murthy
Sanskrit blog of G.S.S. Murthy
Sanskrit-English blog of G.S.S. Murthy
Recitations of grammatical paradigms recorded by Timothy C. Cahill
Recommended Sanskrit grammar books
An introductory course based on Srila Jiva Gosvami's grammar (downloadable pdf, 60 pages)
Initiation au sanskrit par Guillaume Jacques (downloadable pdf, 21 pages)
Discover Sanskrit site
The Spiritual Seeker's Essential Guide to Sanskrit, by Dennis Waite (downloadable pdf, 161 pages)
The Devanagari Animated Calligraphy page of Claude-Alice Marillier
Ukindia Sanskrit Lessons
Guided Sanskrit Lessons by Nikhil Gandhi, using Maurer's textbook
Sanskrit for everyone
Shri Chitrapur Math Sanskrit Lessons
Sanskrit Alphabet help
Typing Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit on the iPhone or iPad
Virtual push to Sanskrit for ease of learning

Sanskrit periodicals

Sudharmā, Sanskrit daily newspaper from Mysore on the Web
Sudharmā, Sanskrit Sa.mvaada.h, fortnightly newspaper from New Delhi
Sanskrit Vani, fortnightly newspaper from Delhi
Sambhashana Sandesha, Sanskrit monthly magazine
Samskrita Bharati monthly magazine
Sudharma daily
The World’s Only Sanskrit Newspaper Is Facing A Crisis. But You Can Help
Samprati Vartah online newspaper
Sanskritabhavitavyam magazine
Sanskrit Newspapers and Periodicals
Monthly Sanskrit e-news bulletin
Rasanā magazine

Sanskrit publications

Sanskrit eBooks
Anandashram Sanskrit Series
Trivandrum Sanskrit Series
Hindu philosophy -- Early works to 1800 (U. Penn Online books)
Science in Sanskrit

Sanskrit on Hindu sites

The Hindu Wisdom Sanskrit page
Sanskriti Feed site
The Advaita Sanskrit pages
The Dvaita Organisation
Vande Mataram Library
Realization Sanskrit site
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms for Self Discovery
The Hindu Universe
The Hindu Web
Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Sanskrit Spiritual Glossary
Baktivedanta Vedabase site
Gaudiya Grantha Mandir forum
Ramlal Kapoor Trust site
Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism

Miscellaneous other sites related to Sanskrit

Samskrit Promotion Foundation
Open Directory Project - Sanskrutam site
Samskrutam Studies Site
Brian Akers' Yoga Vidya Site
Vyaas Houston's American Sanskrit Institute
Sanskrit in WordlLanguage
Re Sanskrit site
Devabhasha site
Sanskrit-ai site
Sanskrit Translation by Lingo24
Sanskrit & Sánscrito with many further links to Sanskrit-related sites
International Sanskrit Research Academy
Learn Sanskrit page at Himanshu Pota's personal site
The Sanskrit Academy in San Jose
Sanskrit Sounds (Nicolai Bachman, Santa Fe)
Sanskrit Mantras and Spiritual Power
Le monde des langues - sanskrit

Sanskrit in the Press

Who's afraid of Sanskrit? Bharat Gupt, The Indian Express, November 20, 1998
Govt pledges to popularise Sanskrit. The Indian Express, March 14, 1999
The Hindu, August 28, 2001
Sanskrit struggles to survive, BBC News August 5, 2002
The Times of India, Sept 13, 2002
Sanskrit still blooming in a tiny village in Karnataka. The Free Press Journal, Jan. 30, 2003
Sanskrit's former glory revived online. Rediff, July 24, 2003
Libraries struggle to preserve books. The Times of India, Jan. 23, 2004
Manuscripts open new vistas of medieval India. Hindustan Times, April 14, 2006
Sanskrit wrapped in heritage. The Hindu, June 28, 2004
Seduced by Sanskrit. Chronicle of Higher Education, March 3, 2006
Sanskrit, the Language of Life. Canberra Times, May 22, 2006
Thinking allowed - Sanskrit tradition (video interview of Prof. Dean Brown), Dailymotion, 04-06-2006
Sanskrit stages a comeback in the US. CNN-IBN August 18, 2006
Cambridge closes door on Sanskrit, Hindi. The Times of India, October 12, 2006
Ancient Sanskrit manuscript goes digital, BBC News 17-11-06
Sanskrit is not a Hindu language, Dr Ahmed, The Assam Tribune, 23-12-06
Kalam on why Sanskrit is important, Rediff News 01-02-07
The Lord's language. Sanskrit thrives in 21st century America, India Abroad, 23-02-07
At US university, Sanskrit comes of age, Rediff News 01-06-07
Sanskrit echoes around the world, The Christian Science Monitor, 05-07-07
Sanskrit gaining popularity in US, Europe, The Hindustan Times, 10-07-07
Sanskrit manuscripts in Punjab University in Lahore, The News on Sunday, 12-08-07
Keeping Sanskrit alive, The Hindu, 02-03-08
Reworking the language of the Gods, Expressindia, 12-11-07
Summer Camps Revive India's Ancient Sanskrit, The Washington Post, 15-06-08
A marathon lexicography work, The Hindu, 11-08-08
Sanskrit boulevard, Hindustan Times, 20-09-08
Haryana announces incentives to promote Sanskrit, Hindustan Times, Indo-Asian News Service, 06-12-08
Ex-CEC has a new mission: Serve Sanskrit, The Times of India, Indo-Asian News Service, 05-03-09
Panini to the rescue, Business Line, 18-05-09
Wax Sanskritic, Outlook, 06-07-09
Dept of Sanskrit lexicography at Deccan College, The Times of India, 02-11-09
China claims to have 1st pop singer in Sanskrit, The Times of India, 26-01-10
Sanskrit gets chic avatar, Deccan Chronicle, 21-02-10
In Orissa, a village of Sanskrit pundits, Rediff News, 06-04-10
Sanskrit: reviving the language in today's India; Live Mint, 19-04-10
Vaak, a newspaper that helps brush up `practical' Sanskrit; Live Mint, 20-04-10
Sanskrit thriving in British schools: NDTV, 28-06-10
60 years later, Sanskrit dictionary stuck in first letter: The Indian Express, 17-05-10
Rs.2 crore sanctioned for catalogue project: The Hindu, 22-10-10
Oriental Research Institute: Star of Mysore, 20-11-10
World Sanskrit Book Fair: Deccan Herald, 31-12-10
World Sanskrit Book Fair: The Hindu, 06-01-11
He speaks Sanskrit like a native. Times of India, 08-01-11
The American Born Confused Desis Are Ideal Students Of Sanskrit. Sheldon Pollock's interview, Businessworld, 27-01-11
European Misappropriation of Sanskrit led to the Aryan Race Theory. Rajiv Malhotra, Huffington Post, 21-03-11
Sanskrit slips at Deccan college to be digitised. The Times of India, 19-04-11
A journey in heritage, with a pen. The Times of India, 16-05-11
Sanskrit goes defunct at Andhra University. The Times of India, 29-06-11
Sanskrit gaining worldwide recognition. The Times of India, 12-08-11
Digitisation of 40,000 Sanskrit manuscripts on at BISM. The Times of India, 22-09-11
Lady Gaga learns Sanskrit. The Times of India, 13-10-11
Read the Ramayana in French -- for Rs 58,000. Firstpost, 21-10-11
Who says Sanskrit is dead? Deccan Chronicle, 03-11-11
Now, Cambridge to study ancient Sanskrit texts. Firstpost, 08-11-11
These Panini girls can cross swords with anyone. The Times of India, 10-11-11
Software that translates Sanskrit texts into Hindi. The Deccan Herald, 5-1-12
Sanskrit makes a comeback, thanks to Wikipedia community. The Deccan Herald, 24-02-12
For these Bangalore youth, Sanskrit is everything. The Pioneer, 02-04-12
Sanskrit centre struggles to stay alive. The Times of India, 03-04-12
Samskrita Bharati honour for Mohanlal. The Indian Express, 19-05-12
Sanskrit makes a mini-comeback in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal IndiaRealtime, 20-05-12
World's only Sanskrit daily holds out against odds. The Deccan Herald, 10-07-12
Make Sanskrit the language of non-Brahmins. The Hindu, 10-11-12
Edn Min assures upgradation of lone Sanskrit institute. Hueiyen Lanpao, 23-12-12
Fun with Sanskrit stories. The Hindu, 11-02-13
Kerala schools to give Sanskrit its due soon. The Times of India, 19-02-13
India to be pioneer in world through Sanskrit studies. Department of Public Relations, Madhya Pradesh, 22-02-13
Why Sanskrit remains confined among intellectuals? The Free Press Journal, 23-02-13
Reviving Sanskrit at Ahlcon International School, Hindustantimes, 04-03-13
Sanskrit, once a lingua franca of kings, The Indian Express, 23-03-13
Bangla scholar harps on importance of Sanskrit, The Times of India, 31-03-13
Here, Sanskrit lives on..., The Hindu, 31-03-13
Closure notice to 5 Sanskrit colleges, The Times of India, 22-04-13
PIL on introduction of foreign languages in place of Sanskrit, Business Standard, 08-05-13
Sanskrit symphony, Business Standard, 18-05-13
Sanskrit a unique feature of India's culture: Aziz Qureshi, The Economic Times, 03-06-13
Sanskrit daily struggling to stay afloat, The Hindu, 30-08-13
3-day national Sanskrit meet from October 18, The Indian Express, 11-10-13
Commission set up to promote Sanskrit 01-01-14
The Vanishing Act of Second Sanskrit Commission, The Indian Express, 13-01-14
Stiff competition in Sanskrit fete, The Hindu, 25-01-14
Tripunithura Sanskrit College to get heritage tag, The Hindu, 25-01-14
Karnataka Sanskrit University decides to revamp the BA, MA Syllabi, OneIndia Education, 26-02-14
West has revived interest in Sanskrit logic, rhetoric,The Times of India, 28-02-14
Digitising history, Mumbai Mirror, 23-03-14
Implement recommendations of first Sanskrit panel, says scholar, The Hindu, 08-05-14
Demystifying Language of Gods, Indian Express, 26-05-14
Ahmedabad to host 108 Sanskrit language training camps, Business Standard, 28-05-14
Narendra Modi’s Election Sparks Hope for Sanskrit, The New York Times, 17-06-14
Sanskrit teaches the meaning of the universe, Bangalore mirror, 14-07-14
In a first, CBSE asks schools to celebrate Sanskrit Week, Indian Express, 16-07-14
Row over Sanskrit week, Times of India, 17-07-14
'Stop Sanskrit Week In Schools': BJP's Tamil Nadu Ally Revives Language Row, NDTV, 17-07-14
Jaya opposes Sanskrit Week celebrations, Hindustantimes, 19-07-14
Controversy Swirls Around ‘Sanskrit Week’ Celebrations, The Wall Street Journal, 21-07-14
The story of my Sanskrit, The Hindu, 16-08-14
Now, refer to ancient Sanskrit words online, The Times of India, Pune, 06-10-14
Sanskrit and English: there’s no competition, The Hindu, Pune, 24-11-14
Smriti turns down plea to make Sanskrit compulsory; The Hindu, 24-11-14
Paninian from Paris, The Hindu, 27-11-14
I am Sanskrit, The Indian Express, 08-12-14
Browse or search, in Sanskrit! The Hindu, 12-03-15
Where Sanskrit meets computer science; The Hindu, 02-04-15
Government to send 250 Sanskrit scholars to participate in World Sanskrit Conference in Thailand; The Economic Times, 24-06-15
Lip service to Sanskrit, no revival roadmap; The Telegraph, 28-06-15
Fact check: India wasn't the first place Sanskrit was recorded – it was Syria; Scroll.in, 30-06-15
12-page Sanskrit daily tabloid in the works; The Sunday Guardian, 15-07-15
Sanskrit fever grips Germany; Daily Mail India, 06-08-15
De-saffronise Sanskrit before pitching it to world: Panel; DNA India, 09-08-15
Why we prefer easier ‘Hindi’ over complicated ‘Sanskrit’ language; The Financial Expess, 14-08-15
How Sanskrit came to be considered the most suitable language for computer software; Scroll.in, 25-08-15
The Sad State Of Sanskrit Scholarship In India; Swarajya magazine, 30-08-15
Learn Sanskrit from any part of the world now, The Hindu, 08-09-15
Sanskrit Commission’s Report Rejected by HRD Ministry; College Dekho, 29-01-16
Panel suggests national school board for Sanskrit, vedic studies, The Indian Express, 05-02-16
Of heaven and earth (interview of Pr Gary Tubb), The Hindu, 30-05-16
Collegians losing interest in Sanskrit, The Times of India, 27-06-16
Prepare status report of Sanskrit textbooks, says panel, The Indian Express, 19-07-16
Sanskrit newspapers dying due to lack of advertisers and patronage, The Economic Times, 30-07-16
The Return of Sanskrit How an Old Language Got Caught up in India’s New Culture Wars, Anaya Vajpeyi, World Policy Journal, Duke University Press, September 2016, 33(3)
A 21st Century Approach to Sanskrit Learning, I"; Prekṣā, July 03 2017
A 21st Century Approach to Sanskrit Learning, II"; Prekṣā, July 04 2017
A Neuroscientist Explores the "Sanskrit Effect". Scientific American, January 2018
How to move a mountain, The Hindu, 14-08-18
Sanskrit scholar K S Kannan is chair professor at IIT-Madras; Indian Express, July 04 2019
Sanskrit manuscripts rotting, should be translated: Debroy; The Tribune, 28-12-18
Sanskrit made mandatory in all Uttarakhand schools from class three to eight; Hindustan Times, Sep 17 2019
PhD in Sanskrit second most popular option among languages after Hindi: Report; Hindustan Times, Sep 21 2019
Panini — world’s first informatician; The Hindu, Dec 19 2019
Sanskrit speaking to be compulsory at Uttarakhand academy as state mulls channel in language; Indian Express, Jan 01 2020
After Yoga, it’s now the turn of Sanskrit to take the global state; Financial Express, Jan 26 2020
Searching for Sanskrit Speakers in the Indian Census; The wire, May 10 2020
Mystery as 60 peculiar cubes with inscriptions pulled from Coventry river; CoventryLive, May 12 2020
Sanskrit university gets more takers for its online courses; The Hindu, May 31 2020
Response to “Whose Sanskrit Is It Anyway?”; IndicToday, Sept 2 2020
Petition filed in Supreme Court seeking to notify Sanskrit as national language; The Economic Times, Dec 16 2020
IIT Kharagpur making Sanskrit accessible with their Artificial Intelligence-based system; India Today, March 25, 2021
Teaching Sanskrit with the help of computer tools; UoH Herald, October 22, 2021
UoH launches online inter-disciplinary prog OE102 to teach Sanskrit with computer tools; United News of India, October 22, 2021
UoH to teach Sanskrit using computer tools; The Times of India Today, October 22, 2021
University of Hyderabad launches course to teach Sanskrit using computer tools; The Times of India Today, October 23, 2021
University of Hyderabad uses computer tools to teach Sanskrit; The Times of India Today, October 23, 2021
PhD student solves 2,500-year-old Sanskrit problem; BBC News, December 15, 2022
Student solves ancient puzzle that baffled scholars for centuries; Metro News, December 15, 2022

Sanskrit in the Indian Parliament and Government

Report on the Sanskrit Commission 1956-57
Report on the Sanskrit Commission 1956-57 (abridged)
Questions April 21, 1993
Central Plan Scheme for Development of Sanskrit Education through State Government/Union Territories
Pdt Kalam on Sanskrit is our Cultural Heritage, Mantralayam 01-02-07
Judgement of India’s Supreme Court on Sanskrit 04-10-94
Shri Narendra Modi calls for promotion of Sanskrit language and rich knowledge 20-06-12
Shri Narendra Modi speaks on Sanskrit after honoring Sanskrit scholar Vasant Anant Gadgil in Pune 21-06-12
Vision and Roadmap for the Development of Sanskrit - Ten year perspective Plan (2016)
Steps taken for the development of Sanskrit language and literature, communication of Government of India to Lok Sabha, 02-05-16

Sanskrit videos

Sanskrit Avadhana by Shatavadhani Dr R. Ganesh 08-10-12
Bajaj Discover Add in sanskrit
Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri: Greatness of Sanskrit (Anugraha Bhashanam at Coimbatore) 21-08-12
India's Post-Colonial identity Crisis Over Sanskrit - Prof. Kapil Kapoor 06-01-14
Learn to read Devanagiri script 16-01-18
Learn Sanskrit by Prof Narasing Rao 13-04-18
Samskrita Bharati Sanskrit Lessons
Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Spoken Sanskrit Lessons
Abhinav Seetharaman’s Spoken Sanskrit Series
The Sanskrit Channel
Spoken Sanskrit Lessons - Basics by the Sanskrit Channel
Introduction to Basic Spoken Sanskrit by IIT Kharagpur in NPTEL
IIM Bangalore 10-Day Spoken Sanskrit Workshop by Prof Mahadevan
Sanskrit for Beginners by Ashok
Three videos on Sanskrit Grammar by Ashok
Advaita Academy’s Ashtadhyayi (Panini Grammar Sutras)
Vyoma-Sanskrit-Pathshala’s Ashtadhyayi Pravesha
Gita Sopanam, Learn Sanskrit through Bhagavad Gita by Ashok (level 1)
Gita Sopanam, Learn Sanskrit through Bhagavad Gita by Ashok (level 2)
Samskrita Bharati Bhagavad Gita Classes in Sanskrit by Dr. K. N. Padmakumar
Dr Manas Ranjan Sahu Sanskrit Channel for vocabulary/short-films
CEC-UGC’s UPSC Sanskrit Lectures
Dharma Peetam || Special Debate On Uses Of Sanskrit Language And History || 01-10-2016
Is Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, still relevant? TED lecture of Dr Sampadananda Mishra 28-08-2019
The wonder of Panini's Sanskrit grammar; lecture by Vikram Chandra at Jaipur literature festival, 28-01-2020
Pāṇini - The Father of Linguistics; lecture by Prof Madhav Deshpande, 26-12-2020
Antonia Ruppel podcast - On Teaching and Learning Sanskrit, episode 3; 11-08-2021

Sanskrit in the movies

Adi Shankaracharya, Sanskrit movie by director G. V. Iyer (1983)
Punyakoti, Sanskrit animated feature (2021)

Sanskrit radios

Divyavani Sanskrit Web Radio
Navavani Web Radio

Sanskrit recordings

The Four Vedas (Smithsonian Folkways)
Sri Rudra 1st anuvaka, from Vojko (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Sanskrit on the Web

Sanskrit and OCR - the video of a presentation by Dan Ingalls, CSL PARC and Daniel Ingalls Harvard University on April 17, 1980
Sanskrit News Headlines
E-Journal in Sanskrit
Sanskrit on Answers.com
Sanskrit on Wikipedia
Sanskrit on Wikipedia in French
Sanskrit in the West on Wikipedia
Sanskrit Wikipedia
Sanskrit Promotion
Sanskrit Tutorial
Ancient Voice Wiki
Sanskrit on Indopedia
Sanskrit on Opentopia
Sanskrit Forum
Sanskrit Voice Digest
Vishvavani Sanskrit Webzine
Vishvavani blog
Samskrute likhaama.h blog
Sanskrit Prasruti blog
Sanskrit blog
Simple Sanskrit Lessons by S.L. Abhyankar
Simple Sanskrit blog of G.S.S. Murthy
Shastapriyaa blog by Swami Neelakantha
gItA anvaya sandhi vigraha Google group
El Portal de la India Antigua
Sanskrit literature blog of Venetia Ansell
Samskrita bhasa of Nicole Edouard Péquériau
Learn Sanskrit blog
Online learning Sanskrit site
Learning together Sanskrit and GeetA
Parankusacar Institute of Vedic Studies
Learning Sanskrit on-line
How to learn Samskrit
Learn Sanskrit from home
Sanskrit Chat
Sanskrit Roots site
Web Of LifeMakers blog
Nagari Google Group of Marcis Gasuns
Priyapadyadhaama Google Group
Google Group Forum for Sanskrit-programmers
Sanskrit Proverbs blog
Vyaakara.nam blog
Samskrita Sangha blog at IISc
Sanskritam for all ... forever (Samskrita Bharati)
Sanskrit - Ancient Language of India blog
Indien und Sanskrit site, Tuepflis Global Village
German Yoga blog
Samskritavani (spanish)
The Sanskrit Philatelist blog
Samskrit for tattoes and such stuff
Sanskrit quote of the day
The Sanskrit Web Ring
Kalidasa group
The Utah Sanskrit mailing list
Spoken Sanskrit Language Log
Sanskrit deepika project (Dnyandeep Infotech Pvt. Ltd.)
Matthur Samskrutha Village
MATTUR - Clinging to the roots of Sanskrit
Watch This Before You Start Learning Sanskrit!
Panini Linguistics Olympiad
Sanskrit Olympiad
Stackexchange area for Sanskrit teachers
Prof. Subhash Kak on how Panini made Sanskrit powerful
Sanskrit Conclave: Significance and Future of Sanskrit Studies and Allied Areas. Sept 27, 2020
Prof. V.N. Jha's keynote on Linguistic Tradition of India, Deccan College, Feb 1st 2021
Sanskrit on Reddit

Miscellaneous Web documents relevant to Sanskrit

(Historical) Report on the Sanskrit Text Archive Conference Austin, Texas, October 28–29, 1988
The Sanskrit Grammar of Johann Ernst Hanxleden S.J. (1681–1732)
Ancient Sanskrit Online
Sanskrit Community Forum
Sanskrit bits and pieces
Sanskrit: an anachronism?
Why teach or study Sanskrit?
Hidden Mūrtis: The Sanskrit Students of Radcliffe College
Language of the soul by Sampadanansa Misrha
Geopolitics and Sanskrit Phobia, by Rajiv Malhotra
Relevance of Sanskrit in Contemporary Society by B. Mahadevan
An Appeal to Google Books for Sanskrit Literature
Blogging in Sanskrit binds Indian students overseas
V. C. Govindarajan page
Hundreds in Fiji come out to take crash course in Sanskrit; Sanskrit discussion group, LinkedIn
UNESCO Heritage Tradition of Vedic Chanting

Sanskrit recordings

The Four Vedas (Frits Staal, Smithonian Folkways)
Mahakavyas recorded by Sri SitaRama VedaSamskrutha VidyaPeethamu

Sanskrit and Computers

Panini's Grammar and Computer Science
Debunking the Forbes magazine hoax
Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence - NASA (the famous Rick Briggs' article in AI Magazine)
Sanskrit and the Technological Age (by Vyasa Houston))

Commercial sites

Openpathshala One on One Skype based classes for Sanskrit
Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation
Vyoma Linguistic Labs Learn Sanskrit from basics
CBSE Sanskrit
Vyoma Learn Sanskrit from home
The Sanskrit Channel
Le cahier de Satyâ. Cours de Claude-Alice Marillier.
Tantric books at VivaSadhana.com
A Mathematical Analysis of Panini's sivasutras, by Wiebke Petersen, in J. of Logic, Language and Information (13, 4, March 2004,Springer)
Primary Education in Sanskrit: Methods and Goals in Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 122, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 2002), pp. 661-690

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