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Hypertext ebook dictionary formats

Many hypertext dictionary browsers are currently in use: Babyloo, Stardict, Goldendict. They use various formats, which are inter-translatable by various transducers, and run on most computer platforms, tablets and smartphone devices.

Sanskrit Heritage adaptation

Many thanks to Thubtenrigzin, who managed to convert the HTML version of the Sanskrit Heritage dictionary to the Babylon (gls) format, preserving hyperlinks and devanāgarī display. This format may be translated further into the formats, idx, ifo and syn usable by the Babyloo, Stardict or Goldendict software.

Example display in Goldendict


Download instructions

A gz-compressed tar archive 1 contains the dictionary files, to install at your dictionary resources directory. Another (91Mb) tar archive 2 contains the inflected forms with their declension tables, linked to the dictionary. A third tar archive 3 contains grammatical links. Finally, tar archive 4 contains the Monier-Williams dictionary consistent with our site. These resources correspond to Version 2.83 [2014-06-28] of the Heritage site. Check the distribution page for updates. These dictionary resources are usable under the conditions of the Creative Commons license: "Héritage du Sanskrit" by Gérard Huet is released under the terms of the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons License


Questions concerning these resources should be addressed to Gérard Huet.
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